Thank you once again for booking your party/entertainment with Billy Wiz.

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General Terms & Conditions

 1.     The inclusive terms and conditions of this contract shall be deemed accepted even if it is not signed and returned or returned via email within the prescribed ten days provided no written objection has been made.

2.     Cancellations- Cancellations must be made either by telephone or registered post, if a cancellation is made 21 days or less prior to the engagement date, the booker shall be liable for the full performance fee.

3.     Parking: - It’s the booker’s responsibility to ensure there is adequate parking close to the venue entrance for Billy Wiz.  He will have equipment to load/unload. If Billy Wiz cannot do the party due to lack of parking, the booker shall still be liable for the Full Performance Fee. (Unloading/loading then parking elsewhere is not an option.)

4.     Billy Wiz’s show is suitable for 4 year olds and above. Billy Wiz will NOT be responsible for any children under the age of 3 and a half years. It is advisable to place the very young children onto mum or dads lap especially during the magic show to avoid disruption of the show.

5.     Billy Wiz Magician is not engaged in a supervisory role, therefore please ensure at least two responsible adults are present during the entertainment to act in such a role.

6.     Billy Wiz can not perform magic shows outdoors due to weather conditions. This includes shows in Marques and Gazebos.