Frequently Asked Questions

I hope you find these F.A.Q. helpful. If you have a question which isn't here, please call me on 01752 519529 or email  

Thank you

Is your show age appropriate

Billy Wiz's magic show is aimed 100% at the children without the need for any unnecessary adult humour.

Are all magician's the same

If your main concern is finding the cheapest entertainer, it's certainly worth shopping around. However, please note: There is a BIG difference between 'price and value'. Someone buying a few tricks from a magic shop, wearing a top hat and hiring themselves out as a cheap 'children's entertainer' does not make them a great entertainer. On the other hand, inviting a professional entertainer like Billy Wiz (with almost 30 years experience) to your party will create amazing magical memories for years to come.

How much notice do you require

It’s never too early to book. Weekends especially, book up quite far in advance, sometimes as much as 6 months or more. As soon as you decide to have a party, give us a call. Even for short notice parties, it’s worth calling as we have the occasional cancellations. For Christmas parties, it is best to call as early as possible, many Christmas parties are booked a year in advance

How long are your parties

Most birthday party magic shows include a full one hour of magical fun.

Do you offer any other forms of entertainment

Yes, Walk-about balloon modelling & 'magic in the hands' packages are available, these can be booked to fit any event, and for any length of time.

How many people can I invite

For Billy Wiz's one hour magic & puppet show, you can invite as many children as you wish, if you're brave enough, you can invite 100's :)

Is there a minimum number of children required

It is good to have at least 10 children if possible to create a better atmosphere for the magic show.

Where do you perform your parties

Parties can be performed just about anywhere except outdoors. You can have your party at home, in a church or village hall, community centre, public house (preferably in a separate room to the customers), even in your garage if you have the room. There's a list of suitable venues here

Can I have the party at home

Yes, Billy wiz performs many house parties. The only thing he does ask is if you have a coal fire, please inform him in advance as he has an allergy to the coal/wood dust and can then take an anti-histamine tablet before he arrives.

How much space do you need

When performing in halls, an area less than half the size of a badminton court is ideal, if there is too much space it can be difficult to control the party, so Billy Wiz will create a boundary to make the party area smaller. For house parties it depends on how many guests you have invited. He will adapt to whatever room you can give him, but please try to give Billy as much room as possible. An area is at least a minimum of 5ft - 6ft across and 8ft deep is just enough room for Billy and the children.

What should I look for when booking a venue

Billy Wiz has an extensive venue index HERE which if you're new to an area it's the best place to start. Before booking a venue, It’s a good idea to check the venue personally before booking for cleanliness, size, easy access and parking for Billy Wiz.. Also check that they have the amount of chairs and tables that you will require. The room will also need a plug socket for Billy's equipment.

Try to arrange to get access to the room/hall at least 30-60 mines before the party start time, so that both you and Billy Wiz can get ready before your guests arrive. Billy Wiz requires a minimum of 30 mins to set up, but usually arrives approx 45 mins before the start time to allow for any unplanned problems.

You should only need a maximum 30 mins after the party to get everything cleaned and packed up.

Finally always get an emergency mobile number in case you turn up at the hall and it hasn’t been unlocked

What age are your parties suitable for

Billy Wiz performs birthday parties for children aged 4 to 8 years old. The important thing to remember for any birthday party is to try and avoid mixing the age groups as Billy's birthday party show is aimed at the birthday child's age range.

At other events where a mixed age range is expected Billy Wiz aims the entertainment at 4 to 10 year olds.

Balloon modelling can be for any age from 3 to 103 year olds. Please note balloons can be dangerous for children under 2 years old.

How do I pay

A small deposit is required when the booking is made, the balance is payable by cash on the day of your party.

Other payment options are available for larger organisations and businesses.

Do you provide food and party bags

No, sorry we don't supply party bags

Can I have face painting at my party

Billy Wiz can provide a face painter if required, please let him know when booking. Billy's favourite face painter is Nicola at

What if you’re ill and can’t make it to our party

In all the many years Billy Wiz has been performing at parties, he has never ever failed to turn up at a party. Even if he’s feeling ill, he’ll still be there. After all, it’s your child’s special day, how can you let children down. However we can't predict the future, and If for any reason in the future he couldn’t make a party, he would never leave you in the lurch, and would do his utmost to find someone to replace him. But, as previously mentioned, he has never EVER missed a party. I just hope that saying this isn’t an omen!

What areas do you cover

Billy Wiz lives near the Plymouth area so the majority of his work is in the South West. Although he has and will work anywhere in the country. If further away the cost will vary from region to region.

Can I have a joint party

Yes, joint parties are welcome as long as the children are a similar age.

Do you bring a music/disco

Not a full disco, however music is supplied. If your child has a favourite song or artist, please inform Billy Wiz and he’ll try and bring it along

Do you supply invitations

When you book your party, we'll send your professionally printed party inviations to let your childs friends know Billy Wiz is attending your party

Are you police checked

Yes, Billy Wiz is police checked although not because of entertaining children. Billy Wiz is the heavily involved a children's charity and every year Billy Wiz's family as well as many other host families in Plymouth hosting children from Belarus & Ukraine for four weeks at a time. The charity's policy require all family members to be police checked

Are you available for midweek parties

Yes, midweek are available, not just after school, but any time of the day during the school holidays

How much do you charge

I’m sorry, Billy covers a vast area, the price varies from region to region so it's difficult to put a price list for birthday parties here. Other events and packages are also priced individually depending on the individual needs of the customer and the type of the event. For a quote please call Billy wiz on 01752 519529 or email or please fill in the enquiry form

Can you make my wife disappear

I wish I had a pound for every time I here this at parties. The simple answer is yes, if you pay me enough. haha