The 'Make A Smile Appeal' was set up in 2007, helping Billy Wiz to travel to Belarus & Ukraine, taking his magic and balloon show on tour to orphanages, hospitals and village schools. Many fundraising events have been organised by various organisations as well as schools, family and friends, including variety shows, sponsored walks, golf competitions, New Years day dips into the freezing seas and so much more.


Billy Wiz Make A Smile Appeal

With the help of his magic and balloon modelling, Billy Wiz brings happiness to so many children, even for a short time, giving them the chance to forget about their illnesses etc. To date, Billy Wiz has performed 128 shows during 12 tours in orphanages, hospitals and village schools. As well as the shows, Billy has spent 100's of hours creating even more smiles for 1000's of children in the many hospitals with his amazing balloon modelling.

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For the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster in 2006, Billy Wiz joined a charity called 'Chernobyl Children's Lifeline' and took a small part of his show to Belarus, with the aim of making some smiles on the faces of the many children in cancer hospitals and orphanages. After that first trip, he was hooked, and immediately made plans to return as soon as possible. 

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Making smiles with 'emoji' fun in a cancer hospital

Just a few of the many kind comments Billy Wiz has received:


It was great to be involved in the fundraising for your trip along with my fellow workers at the Royal Bank Of Scotland. Well done for all the great work you do for these children, look forward to seeing your next DVD on your trip.

Linda Whitehead, Royal Bank of Scotland HQ, Edinburgh


Good luck Graeme. I was fortunate enough to take part and win your golf charity day at Elfordleigh. I take my hat off to you, you are one in a million and I hope that Plymouth is as proud of you as I am. There are not many people in this world who would give up their work unpaid for a month to do what you are doing. Jill is a brick and I know that she enjoys it when you both play host to one of these unfortunate children each year. If you have not visited Graeme's website, then it is not to be missed. It brings me to tears each time I watch the faces of these children smile by such simple things as the fantastic balloons you make for them. We wish you a safe and enjoyable trip and look forward to reading your trip report on your return. If there is any TV companies reading this, then give him a camcorder to record his trip, I am sure his reports would be well worth watching. Plymouth - get behind Graeme - he his is a great ambassador for Plymouth.

Mark Davis, Chaddlewood


What can we say - Jill and Graeme are just FANTASTIC, a true inspiration to us all! We know Graeme is going to do a wonderful job in Belarus, the scale of the Children's care is difficult to imagine, both in the hospitals and orphanages - by Graeme going to Belarus and visiting as many children as he can will make a big difference to their little lives. A little balloon will make a BIG Smile!! The Chernobyl Children's Life Line - Plymouth Link are very very proud of Graeme - We know it is going to be a very testing and emotional trip - but on the up side a very heart-warming, rewarding one!! Good Luck Graeme - we are right behind you and will be thinking of you!! Also keeping an eye on your diary! I wish there were more people like you in the world!!

Brian & Vanessa Donoghue, Saltash


Billy Wiz is an inspiration in today's society, he takes his time with the support from his family to make a difference to these children. Its not many of us in this day and age, who can say that! I have seen the children's faces "light up" when he comes into the room as they know he will give each and everyone of them his full attention and enthral them in whatever magic trick he performs. Billy Wiz spends effort and time raising money for these unfortunate children but never complains and always wants to give more. I think we all could do with taking 5 mins to visit his website and give something for the Make a Smile appeal and make another child smile!

Karen Grannum, Plympton


Wow, you are a true inspiration, good luck for your trip,

Norman, Ballonman, Bournemouth


hi graeme. just to let readers know graeme ash is a very close friend to my family and it is a privilege on our behalf. he is always trying to help anyone and everyone nevermind how little he knows of them. And the charity work he is doing for these poor kids in belarus is truly extraordinary. Im so happy your fundraising campaigns have been a success for what it will lead to is life changing for those kids suffering. have a safe trip and give my love to the kids of belarus. you're a true local hero

Danny Hobbs, Plymouth


Hey Graeme... Its great to know someone like you doing such a noble thing... u r my inspiration... keep up the good work...blessed u with good health for ur mission.. :)

PrinCeSs, Singapore


Hello Graeme, It sounds like you are a great help to a lot of people & I wish you all the best for your visits to Belarus.

Daniel McCullough, Preston, Lancashire


My family and I would like to use this opportunity to tell Graeme how proud we are of him and all of his efforts in bringing smiles to some very sad faces. It can be upsetting to see the pictures let alone at first hand. When i see pictures of Graeme I take great pride in telling people "that's MY brother" good luck for the trip. x x from Jane + Lacy

Michael, Jane and Lacy Ash, Elburton


Hi Graeme. As a fellow magician, I am really proud of the way you use your talent and skill to make a difference to these kids. It's amazing the way that you balance your personal & professional life and the way that you keep smiling!! You've done magicians proud and Plymouth proud. Well done buddy!!!!

Chris 'Coolmagic' Edwards, Plymouth


Myself and family are a host family for the Chernobyl children. It is the best thing we have ever done. Graeme is brilliant and is so devoted to these children and bringing a smile to their faces. Goodluck on your trip Graeme.

Anita Hannaford, Plymouth


I think it is great what you are doing I hope all goes well, my friend looks after some children from Belarus for a couple of weeks a year, I learnt so much about what these kids have to cope with. Keep up the good work.

Dave Hickory, Wiltshire


Keep up the good work, it is an excellent cause and I applaud your efforts. I am sure you bring a ray of sunshine and happiness to these children's lives. Well done

John Hunter-Haschka, Surrey


I have seen pictures of some of the children visited on previous trips and I can tell you that Graeme brings out their smiles. Keep it up Graeme you're doing a tremendous job.

Rob Slater, Worcester





Graeme, The Chernobyl Children's Lifeline Sunflowers Plymouth Link are very proud of everything you do, and Martyn & I are proud to call you our friend.

Martyn & Jo Hicks, Plymouth


Excellent work Graeme - loads of luck for the tour. Such a great cause.

Mark, London


Go for it Graeme, I am truly humbled by your efforts to bring sunshine and fun into these childrens desperate lives. You, Jill and everyone else involved in your trips are a real inspiration to all of us. Good luck and have fun twisting all them balloons!

Stuart Hodgson, Penrith, Cumbria


What an inspiration to everyone! Not many people are prepared to give up so much personal time and money. Graeme does a fantastic job in bringing a smile to these unfortunate children. The Make a Smile Appeal and The Chernobyl Children's Life Line - Sunflowers, do so much work to help these children - both are very worthwhile charities - take 5 mins out of your day and have a look at their websites. Well done Graeme - keep up the good work!

J Day, Plymouth


More power to your elbow Graeme - you do a fantastic job, it must be emotionally tough but very rewarding

Ian Smith, Leicesterershire


This is such a worthy cause, well done for giving of your time to make these children forget there troubles for a while. Keep up the good work Graham Lee

graham lee, sutton


Good luck, Graeme; it's a really rewarding thing to see their faces light up for something as simple as a balloon or face painting.

Liz, Cambridge


An amazing story and very touching too

Mark, Coventry, Warwickshire


Well done for your efforts for a truly worthwhile cause.

Yvonne, Herts


I've known Graeme for several years now. I have followed his trips with great interest and wish him all the best for the upcoming trip.

Alan, Perth, Western Australia


We always welcome Graeme to Endsleigh and our customers reward his amazing balloon modelling and magic with donations to the appeal. Well done Graeme! Go Billy Wiz!

Justin Avery, Ivybridge


Graeme you are doing a fantastic job with these children. Keep up the good work and good luck with the tour this year.

Dawn, Staffordshire